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Social studies field trip

As part of its contributions to the local community, Shikoku Operations provide plant tours mainly for neighboring elementary and junior high school students, and work experience (internship system) for local high school and vocational school students.
Through these efforts, we are striving to let people know about Taiyo Oil and make it more familiar in addition to developing the next generation of human resources.

Inquiries about plant tours and work experience

Shikoku Operations General Affairs Group
Tel: 0898-36-3509

Business hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm (excluding New Year's break, Saturday, Sunday and holidays)
* Some requests may be refused due to business circumstances.

Plant tours

Plant tour by Kameoka Elementary School
Plant tour by Kameoka Elementary School

In response to a request from Kameoka Elementary School, we welcomed their students to explore our Shikoku Operations (plant tour) as part of the "Getting to Know the Town's people Better" home economics class. (September 2012)

Plant tour by Dogo Nursery School
Dogo Nursery School

children from Dogo Nursery School were welcomed on a plant tour as part of their social studies field trip.(24, November, 2016)

Plant tours for adults
Plant tours for adults

Shikoku Operations were opened up for a tour as a Ehime company cooperating with the "Social Studies Tour for Adults" run by the NHK Matsuyama Culture Center with the aim of providing basic lessons on economics while touring companies in the prefecture. (December 2005)


Work experience

Work experience for high schools in the prefecture

Conducting analytical tests (October 2012)
Conducting analytical tests (October 2012)

In response to requests from high schools in the prefecture, we accept students for work experience in Shikoku Operations as part of their classes on "Thinking about how people live through work experience related to interests and career options."


Plant tour by Kikuma Junior High School

Experiencing training for three-person operation of fire hydrants (July 2013)
Experiencing training for three-person operation of fire hydrants (July 2013)

Every year, Shikoku Operations accepts students from Kikuma Junior High School for work experience as part of their work experience to "learn about the difficulties of living in society and lifestyles."


Work experience for Hadano Minami Junior High School

Thank you letters received
Thank you letters received

In response to a request from Hadano Minami Junior High School, four 2nd grade junior high school students were accepted for work experience at the Hadano Service Station of our affiliate Taiyo Oil Sales Co., Ltd.
The work experience is aimed at letting students think about what it means to work, use the experience for choosing their future career path, and behaving appropriately as a member of society.