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Nurturing young persons

In order to support education that fosters rich feelings and emotions among infants and children in regions, Taiyo Oil has been carrying out proactive sponsorship and co-sponsorship activities related to emotional education events and so on.

Ehime Shimbun Primary School Book Report Contest

Taiyo Oil has been supporting the Ehime Shimbun Primary School Book Report Contest since 2011. Book report entries are received from elementary school students in Ehime Prefecture, and an awards ceremony is held for winners of the Special Prizes (including the Taiyo Oil SOLATO Prize for Best Overall Report), Excellence Prizes, and Honorable Mention Prizes. Through supporting these activities, Taiyo Oil is aiming to improve the reading habits and writing skills of elementary schools students.


Yamaguchi Prefecture Primary School Pupils Animal Drawing Contest

Since 2014, Taiyo Oil has been jointly sponsoring the "Yamaguchi Prefecture Primary School Pupils Animal Drawing Contest," which is hosted by Yamaguchi Shimbun, Akiyoshidai Safari Land, Shunan City Tokuyama Zoo, and Foundation Ube Tokiwa Zoological Society.
The aim of this activity is to help develop the sensitivity and expressive abilities of children by having them draw the animals and landscapes of Akiyoshidai Safari Land, Shunan City Tokuyama Zoo, and Ube City Tokiwa Zoo.


Kids Cooking Battle Presented by SOLATO

Taiyo Oil has been holding the "Kids Cooking Battle Presented by SOLATO" in collaboration with Yamaguchi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Elementary school children are invited to team up with a guardian and submit an original menu plan. The entries undergo screenings, and in the end four winners are selected. The winning teams advance to a round of competition in which the dishes are actually cooked. The aim of the activity is to deepen parent-child bonds, and to create opportunities for considering the importance and depth of food.


Support for Butai Geijutsu (Performing Arts) Center General Incorporated Association and holding of "Kokoro no Gekijo" (Theater of the Heart) in Ehime Prefecture

"Kokoro no Gekijo" performances are free-of-charge musicals performed by Shiki Theatre Company to which elementary school students from across Japan are invited. The aim is to use musical theater to convey "important life lessons" related to the value of life, the spirit of altruism, and the joy of mutual trust, and to thereby "realize a spiritually rich society."
Taiyo Oil approves of this initiative for the spiritual development of children and the building of an affluent society, and has been sponsoring Ehime Prefecture performances under this project since fiscal year2015.


SOLATO-kun's Christmas Event for Children

Taiyo Oil has been supporting "SOLATO-kun's Christmas Event for Children," which is hosted by Yamaguchi Shimbun, since 2015.
This is a Christmas event for preschool through early elementary school children in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and it is aimed at contributing to the healthy development of children. The event is held at "Ube City Watanabeo Memorial Hall," which is an important cultural property of Japan in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.