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Shikoku Operations' Policy

In accordance with Taiyo Oil’s company policy and regulations for business establishments, Shikoku Operations, which is located inside scenic Setonaikai National Park, shall work hard at “safe, stable, reliable, and efficient operations” based on putting safety first and respecting human life, and shall aim to achieve accident-free and disaster-free operations, preserve the global environment, and provide products and services that meet the requirements of customers.
We at Shikoku Operations shall develop and demonstrate strong worksite capabilities, and carry out the following items in an agile and sincere manner as a dignified business establishment.   

  1. We will work hard to strengthen our base from the perspectives of security control, quality, environment, and occupational safety and health in order to achieve safe, stable, and reliable operations.
  2. We will comply with relevant laws, with in-house regulations, and with the requirements that the Operations have consented to.
  3. We will work to develop human resources able to apply their skills, actively identify potential risks in terms of processes, facilities, occupational safety and health, and apply the ingenuity and creativity of all personnel to reducing such risks.
  4. We will develop employees who have application skills, voluntarily identify facility- or industrial safety and health-based hazard sources without being forced to do so, and mobilize the ingenuity of all employees to reduce risks.
  5. We will produce and stably supply high-quality products that meet our customers'needs.
  6. We will actively grasp customers' needs, confer and maintain communication with those potentially affected by our actions, and maintain transparency in our operations.
  7. We will set goals for the purpose of achieving this Policy and, in the course of firmly carrying it out, regularly revise it in order to ensure ongoing and sustained improvements.
  8. We will have all employed at these Operations fully familiarize themselves with this Policy, and make the Policy known publicly to all outside the company.

April 1, 2018
Yasuyuki Ogasawara
Senior Vice President
Member of the Board
General Manager,
Shikoku Operations
Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd.