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Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd. commemorates fourth anniversary of fire in crude oil storage tank

Four years have passed since the explosion of a crude oil storage tank at our refinery on Shikoku Operations on January 17, 2006. On this occasion, we once again express our deepest condolences to the victims. We also wish to extend our most sincere apologies to the unfortunate families who lost their loved ones in the tragic accident, the survivors, and all those affected by the explosion.

January 17 has been designated as the "day for safety" at Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd. in order to remind all employees of the accident and the need to continue our efforts toward preventing recurrences and the outbreak of similar accidents in the future.
On the day for safety this year, we asked the families of the victims to join the president of the company in laying down flowers at the site of the explosion in order to renew our determination to prevent any such accidents in the future as well as to pay tribute to the victims.

Today, a "Taiyo Safety Check Campaign Promotion Conference" will also be convened in order to renew our commitment toward "nurturing and maintaining a safety culture with no industrial accidents." The achieved outcomes of the activities carried out by the individual departments and sections at Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd. during the course of last year with a view to making the workplace a more safety-oriented environment will be reported at the conference.

Safety will remain a top priority in the operations of Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd. so as to ensure that such a tragedy never be repeated. We will maintain our focus on improving our safety record through measures for further increasing the effectiveness of our accident prevention program, which has been in place since the accident, with a view to keeping ourselves accident-free and regaining public trust.