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Taiyo Oil to remain involved in the "corporate afforestation activities" undertaken by Ehime Prefecture

Taiyo Oil has decided to remain involved in the "corporate afforestation activities" organized by Ehime Prefecture. We have been part of this project since August 2007.

A tripartite agreement on forest protection and reforestation was concluded on 25 March between Ehime Prefecture, Imabari City and Taiyo Oil.

Name of forest

"Sun(Taiyo)-nurtured Forest of Imabari City" in Ehime

Forest covered by agreement

Forests in Jingamori District, Tamagawa cho, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture (area of 41.8 ha)

Period of agreement

From 1 April 2010 through 31 March 2013

Summary of the project

Taiyo Oil has carried out Forest Regeneration Volunteer activities, such as tree planting and tree thinning, and organized learning programs using natural materials, at "Sun(Taiyo)-nurtured Forest of Imabari City." We will continue to be involved in these activities, thereby increasing interaction with local Imabari citizens and making a greater contribution to both society in general and the local community in particular.
Note: The amount of CO2 absorbed in fiscal 2008 was 30.0 tons/year.

What is the "the corporate afforestation activities"?

The "the corporate afforestation activities" is a program designed to enable Ehime Prefecture and participating municipalities in the prefecture to collaborate with companies that are active in the field of environmental preservation for the purposes of protecting and nurturing forests and ensuring coexistence with nature. The activities entails forest development activities (water conservation and prevention of mountain disasters) and programs aimed at promoting interaction between companies and local citizens.

Taiyo Oil was the first company to sign on to the activities.

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