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Taiyo Oil organizes workshop for Taiyo Intelligent Managers (TIMs)

Taiyo Oil organized the final session of the 5th Workshop for TIMs (Taiyo Intelligent Managers) (six sessions in total) in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, for two days on 12 and 13 March. This is a core program designed to educate and train human resources at our distributors and dealers.

The Workshop for the TIMs program started in fiscal 2005, targeting senior executive officers and executive trainees at our distributors and dealers, with a view to developing and consolidating their management skills. Since then, it has been organized annually until fiscal 2009 and 104 persons have participated in the workshop over the last five years. Positive feedback has been received from the participants, including: "I understand what constitutes a manager and what needs to be done by a manager; I have come to appreciate the importance of ensuring communication in every aspect." A workshop will be organized in fiscal 2010 on the theme "tomorrow's leaders at Taiyo Oil" with the following program.

Outline of 6th Workshop for TIMs (scheduled to be conducted in fiscal 2010)

1. Lecture From the experience of six sessions per year of the 2 day workshop, the Taiyo Oil curriculum has been drafted specifically for the this purpose, with a view to enabling participants, as executive trainees, to learn in an efficient manner "management skills", "ways of thinking" and "how to behave like a leader".
2. Main themes ・Basic understanding of management
・Leadership communication
・Data analysis to meet a target, etc.
3. Lecturer Mr. Takashi Mori, full-time instructor from Shainkyoiku, Inc.
4. Target participants CEOs, senior executive officers and general managers
5. Venue Matsuyama City (provisional)
6. Schedule

Six sessions in total (two days per session)

  • 1st session: 18 - 19 May
  • 2nd session: 13 - 14 July
  • 3rd session: 14 - 15 September
  • 4th session: 16 - 17 November
  • 5th session: 18 - 19 January
  • 6th session: 15 - 16 March

* Every person who completes all sessions of the Workshop for TIMs and passes the certification examination will be certified as a "Taiyo Intelligent Manager".