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"CVTF Technical Training"

Taiyo Oil called upon SS managers and SS oil supervisors at affiliated dealerships within areas under the management of each branch and sales office between August 24 and September 15 2010, to participate in the CVTF(Continuously Variable Transmission Fruid) Technical Training as outlined below.

Date and practice venue of training

Date Managing Branch/Office Venue
August 24 Higashinihon Branch Automatic transmission center
August 25 Chubu Sales Office Taiyo Oil Sales Co.,Ltd.. Self Toyoyama SS
August 31 Nakanihon Branch Taiyo Oil Sales Co., Ltd.. Rose Town SS
September 1 Chugoku Sales Office Taiyo Oil Sales Co., Ltd.. Midorii SS
September 14 Nishi-nihon Branch Taiyo Oil Sales Co., Ltd.. Self Juurokucho SS
September 15 Shikoku Branch Taiyo Oil Sales Co., Ltd.. Self Toyo SS


114 persons from affiliated dealers

Details of training

To better cope with the sudden increase in vehicles with CVT systems, simple explanations of CVT were provided, covering everything from basic understanding of the systems, to replacement method of CVT fluid in vehicles without a level gauge, the tools required and precautions.

Participants mentioned that they would like to focus on sales of CVTF while keeping in mind the increase in demand into the future.

Training in progress
Training in progress