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Donations to the Ehime Prefecture "Midori no Bokin"

Taiyo Oil donated 84,050 yen to the Forest Fund of Ehime's "Midori no Bokin" on September 24. This donation was raised during a one month "Bio-gasoline Sales Campaign" held at 40 SS in Ehime Prefecture between Saturday, June 26 and Sunday, July 25 to commemorate the start of shipment of bio-gasoline at Shikoku Operations. The equivalent of 10 yen was donated for each lottery postcard received during the campaign period.

Taiyo Oil has been involved in "corporate afforestation activities" undertaken by Ehime Prefecture since August 2007, and has been active in afforestiation activities as part of the "Sun(Taiyo)-nurtured Forest of Imabari City". This donation marks Taiyo Oil's role in preserving forests within Ehime Prefecture following the sales of bio-gasoline, and was made possible through the cooperation of customers using SOLATO SS during the campaign period. We would like to extend or appreciation to all customers who sent in a lottery postcard during this campaign.