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"FY2010 Risk Management Workshop"

Taiyo Oil recently held a "Risk Management Workshop" with the aim of teaching SS how to respond to accidents or malicious complaints properly, as well as how to prevent such incidents from happening.

Date and Venue

November 9, 2010 East Japan The National Athletic Meet Memorial Hall Omiya
November 10 West Japan Asojuku Training Center
November 16 Central Japan AA Hall
November 17 Chubu Toyoyama Social Training Center
November 24 Shikoku Hotel Universe
The workshop in the Chugoku District (venue undetermined) is planned for January 19, 2011.


166 persons from affiliated dealers


The workshop consisted of descriptions of accidents and complaints, backed by examples of actual incidents, as well as how to respond to problems and prevent these incidents from happening in the first place.

(1) Accident prevention training

(2) Improving response to complaints

Scene from the workshop
Scene from the workshop