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"Oil Sales Knowledge Training Session"

Taiyo Oil recently invited the participation of SS mangers and SS oil staff of affiliated dealers to the "Oil Sales Knowledge Training Session" held at each branch between April 10 and 19, 2012 as outlined below.

Date and Venue

Date Venue Branch
April 10 Koku Kaikan(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) Higashinihon Branch
April 11 Toyoyama Community Educational Center(Nishikasugai, Aichi) Chubu Sales Office
April 12 AA Hall (Osaka) Nakanihon Branch
April 17 Grand Messe Kumamoto(Kamimashiki, Kumamoto) Kyusyu Branch
April 18 Hakuho Kaikan(Matsuyama,Ehime) Shikoku Branch
April 19 Taiyo Oil Sales Co., Ltd. Chugoku Branch(Hiroshima) Chugoku Branch


200 persons from affiliated dealers


Successful case studies of sales of oil at SS, customer management methods for sales of oil, and methods used to raise the motivation of SS crew were amongst some of the topics discussed under the general theme of "Create ways to increase profits from engine oil sales!
"Group discussions were also conducted on the best way to approach sales discussions for oil sales and secondary products, with training organized to ensure that the staff participating in the training session could provide SS crew with detailed information when they returned to their SS.

Scene from training session
Scene from training session