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Construction of TAU

Taiyo Oil has increased studies into production systems to enhance its petrochemistry business with the aim of increasing profitability further after beginning operations of the Residual Fluid Catalytic Cracking (RFCC) unit. As a result of these studies, Taiyo Oil hereby announces the construction of a TAU (TransAlkylation Unit).

Facility Name

TAU (TransAlkylation Unit)

Construction Location

In the BTX Facility (Aromatics Extraction Unit) within Shikoku Operations.

Purpose of Construction

  1. Increased production flexibility between petroleum and petrochemical that takes into account a drop in demand for gasoline within Japan into the future.
  2. Construction of a larger xylene production system to meet increased demand for xylene within the Asian region.
  3. Greater profitability through improvements to the hydrogen balance within Shikoku Operations (increased manufacturing of aromatic compounds, ensuring supply of hydrogen for desulfurization), and streamlining of production facilities.

Facility Capacity

10,000 BD

Reference: Capacity for annual production of 300,000 tons with an MX (mixed xylene) base.This results in an annual production of 700,000 tons when combined with existing facilities.

Amount of Investment

Approximately 6 billion yen

Estimated Date of Completion

Operations planned to begin in September 2014