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BCP-related Trainings

As part of our BCP training, Taiyo Oil recently held two BCP training sessions as outlined below; addressing the strong possibility of an earthquake directly striking under Tokyo.

Walking Home Training

Dates, times

Held ten times total over two months from October to November 2013.


Officials and staff working at the head office and the Higashinihon branch (116 persons total)

Aim of training

To learn the routes, what is along the roads, rest areas, and so on in the event of having to walk home once things have calmed down following several days stuck at the company after an earthquake has struck directly under Tokyo.

Details of training

  1. Walk the 5 or 6 km from the head office (Uchisaiwai-cho in Chiyoda Ward) to the terminal station heading to the person’s home.
  2. Terminal stations used included Ueno, Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Shinagawa.
  3. Training was carried out with the following points in mind:


Disaster and Crisis Task Force Contact Training


Sunday November 17th, 2013


Task Force Manager (President), Task Force Deputy Manager (Senior Executive Vice President), other Task Force personnel, General Managers, Shikoku Operations and Yamaguchi Operations, and others (total approx. 25 persons)

Aim of training 

To ensure a Task Force contact system in the event of an earthquake striking directly under Tokyo on holidays.

 Details of training

Contact trainings using safety confirmation systems, internet telephones, etc.

Taiyo Oil will continue to hold training sessions based on various possible scenarios in order to prevent any interruption in the supply of oil and petrochemical product in the event that a major disaster strikes.