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Support for and Cooperation with Disaster Benefit Activities of the Ehime FC

Taiyo Oil has supported and cooperated with disaster benefit activities of the Ehime FC, whose uniform sponsor is Taiyo Oil. As part of its support, it invited the Marching Band, Seeds+ of Fukushima Prefecture, a region which has overcome a variety of difficulties since the Great East Japan Earthquake, to visit Ehime Prefecture.

 Project Overview


September 12 (Friday) to September 15 (Monday/holiday) 2014.


Matsuyama City in Ehime Prefecture


To a total of 16 people: 13 members of the Marching Band Seeds+ and 3 parents etc.


Ehime FC Co., Ltd.

Support and Cooperation

Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd.


JOUE-FM, Okaido-Chuo Shopping District Promotional Association, Machidukuri Matsuyama Co., Ltd., Chonmage-taicho-tsun, Ehime FC supporters, student volunteers, and many others

Overview of the Seeds+ schedule

September 12, (Friday)

September 13, (Saturday)

September 14, (Sunday)

September 15 (Monday/holiday)

Overview of activities

Visiting the Deputy Mayor of Matsuyama City

The band members met with the Deputy Mayor of Matsuyama City. The meeting was conducted in a friendly atmosphere from start to finish, as Seeds+ members asked Deputy Mayor Endo questions such as, “Does orange juice come out of the taps of homes in Ehime Prefecture?”

Date of visit

September 12 (Friday) 2014, 15:15 to 15:40


Matsuyama City Hall, Main Building, 3rd floor, Conference Room 3-2 (4-7-2 Nibancho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)

Person interviewed

Deputy Major Endo Yoshitake


Commemorative photo with Matsuyama City Deputy Major EndoCommemorative photo with Matsuyama City Deputy Major Endo

Seeds+ Welcoming Party

A small party was held to welcome Seeds+.
It was a lively party, including the demonstration of orange juice gushing from a tap and a rock, paper, scissors contest with SOLATO-kun. Seeds+ representative and leader, Mr. Sugawara Ou concluded the party with a greeting including describing the state of children at the time of the disaster, talking about the present activities of Seeds+ and thanking them for participating in this special event in Ehime.


September 13 (Saturday) 2014: 18:00 to 20:00


Tokyo Daiichi Hotel Matsuyama, 11th floor, Sky Brilliant (6-16 Minamihoribatacho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)


Taiyo Oil Co. Ltd.


Commemorative Photo of the Seeds + Welcoming PartyCommemorative Photo of the Seeds + Welcoming Party



Public recording of a radio program

Seeds+ were invited to a public recording of Chihomi’s Natural Breeze that is an FM radio show sponsored by Taiyo Oil. Seeds+ did a session with personality, singer-songwriter Chihomi and gave their own live performance.

Program title

SOLATO presents Chihomi’s Natural Breeze Live with Seeds+

Recording date

September 14 (Sunday), 2014: 13:00 to 14:00


Special stage on Okaido Street in Matsuyama City



Date & Time of broadcast

September 21, (Sunday), 2014: 9:00 to 9:30




Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd.

Public Recording on Okaido StreetPublic Recording on Okaido Street



Ehime FC Disaster Region Benefit Game

J2 League has been conducting activities such as holding an Ehime FC versus Montedio Yamagata game as a disaster region benefit game. Seeds+ performed immediately before the game then its members joined its supporters behind the goal to cheer on Ehime FC. Ehime FC won the game by a score of 4 to 1.


“SOLATO Thanks Day” Ehime FC vs. Montedio Yamagata


September 14 (Sunday), 2014: 19:00


Ningineer Stadium (46 Uenomachi-otsu, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)

Supporting activities

Marching bands must practice inside an athletic building, but other groups conduct their activities inside the building out of fear of radioactive contamination, so practice spaces often overlap and Seeds+ cannot practice at a single specified location. Every time they change their practice location, they must transport their instruments, so they have to pay extra costs for transportation services and to rent practice space. The parents of the member have personally paid these extra costs. Part of the ticket fees earned by this disaster region benefit game will be provided to cover the costs of the activities of Seeds+.

Seeds+ playing on the field before the game Ehime FC supporters raise a gate flag expressing support for Seeds+, Minamisoma City, and TohokuSeeds+ playing on the field before the game Ehime FC supporters raise a gate flag expressing support for Seeds+, Minamisoma City, and Tohoku

Seeds+ cheering on Ehime FC with its supporters during the disaster region benefit gameSeeds+ cheering on Ehime FC with its supporters during the disaster region benefit game


The Marching Band Seeds+

The forerunner of Seeds+ was the marching band of the Haramachi Daiichi Elementary School in Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture. Before the earthquake disaster, it was a regular finalist in national championships, but the Great East Japan Earthquake transformed its residential area into an emergency evacuation zone, forcing half its members to leave the prefecture, temporarily stopping its activities. Later, one of its members expressed the strong desire that although the members were scattered, they should return to national competition. Parents and band leaders responded by establishing a system allowing them to practice together even while living at scattered locations.
While only able to practice together once or twice a month, each member practiced alone very hard, and at the end of January 2012, they succeeded in entering a national competition.
Later, after the band members had graduated from elementary school, they rename their band Seeds+ and continued their activities.
The watchword of Seeds+ is “No matter what one’s circumstances, if you give up, you are finished. If you do not advance, you gain nothing.”