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"Cars at Work" Exhibit

On Sunday, February 1, 2015, Taiyo Oil took part in the “Cars at Work” Exhibition held in Matsuyama, Ehime prefecture.
This event was timed to take place together with the 24th Ehime Imported Vehicle Show. Among a wide range of types of vehicles exhibited, from mobile cranes and crash simulators to fire engines, Taiyo Oil exhibited one of its tanker trucks, and offered visitors a turn in the driver’s seat.
Taiyo Oil proactively exhibits at events of this type in order to interact with local communities and promote understanding of oil for energy.


January 31 (Saturday) & February 1 (Sunday), 2015   N.B. Taiyo Oil exhibit on Feb. 1 (Sunday) only.


Ehime World Trade Center (2-1-28 Okaga, Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture) FAZ Plaza Outdoor Event Space

Exhibited vehicle

SOLATO branded tank truck
(capacity 24,000 L, vehicle length approx. 16 m, belonging to the Niyac Corporation)

Exhibit features

  1. Outdoor display of SOLATO tanker truck
  2. Explanation to those viewing the truck, opportunities for guests to sit in the driver’s seat, etc.
  3. Providing of balloons as presents to children who viewed the truck
  4. An appearance by the Taiyo Oil brand mascot, SOLATO-kun who was available to take photos together with guests in front of the truck