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2015 Ehime FC SOLATO Cup U-10 at Rainbow Highland

Taiyo Oil held the 2015 Ehime FC SOLATO Cup U-10 at Rainbow Highland in Matsuyama City from Saturday, December 12 to Sunday, December 13.
This event was held for elementary school children of fourth-grade or younger, with a total of 16 teams from 6 prefectures from Chushikoku, competing. About 219 players engaged in fierce football competition.
The final match saw Dioluce Takamatsu FC (Kagawa Prefecture) play against SC Vamos (Yamaguchi Prefecture). Dioluce Takamatsu scored first, with SC Vamos then scoring a goal, bringing the second half to a draw. The game was decided on penalty kicks. Last year’s runners up Dioluce Takamatsu won the penalty kicks with a very slim 3 to 2, making runners up of SC Vamos, who were participating for the second year in a row.
A trophy and medals were awarded to the winning team and the second-place team. All participating players received the gift of an official T-shirt.
Taiyo Oil will continue to present sports events and training sessions of this kind, in order to help foster children's interest in sports and development of a sound mind in a healthy body.

 Event Outline

Date and Time

December 12 (Saturday) to December 13 (Sunday), 2015


Multipurpose Grounds, Matsuyama City Yagai Katsudo Center (Rainbow Highland)
 (280 Sugezawamachi-otsu, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture Tel: 089-977-2400)



Tournament Format

Day’s Schedule

Day One (December 12)

 9:00  Entry (participating teams)
10:00 to 11:50 Match 1 to Match 3
12:00  Opening ceremony
12:40 to 15:50  Match 4 to Match 8

Day Two (December 13)

 9:00 to 13:50  Match 1 to Match 6
14:00 Awards ceremony and closing ceremony
15:00  Finishing time


Winning Team

 Dioluce Takamatsu (Kagawa Prefecture)

Second Place Team

 SC. Vamos (Yamaguchi Prefecture)


Scene from the final matchScene from the final match

Group photoGroup photo