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Taiyo Oil participates in "Marugoto Hojo! Summer vacation child Festa"

Taiyo Oil recently participated in and sponsored the “Marugoto Hojo! Summer vacation child Festa,” which is hosted by Matsuyama City and the Matsuyama City Social Welfare Agency.
The “Marugoto Hojo! Summer vacation child Festa” is a large, multifaceted event themed on “play” and “food” for children. It was held on July 16, 2016 (Sat.) as an opening event for the “Hojo Children’s Center” in Matsuyama City, and it made use of local parks and facilities centering on the Children’s Center.
Taiyo Oil was the title sponsor of the “Baby Crawling Race” that was held as part of the event, and the appearance of the Taiyo Oil brand character “SOLATO-kun” in the “Gathering of Costumed Characters!” also added excitement to the event.
Going forward, Taiyo Oil will continue to sponsor and support out regional contribution activities such as these in order to help with the healthy growth of the children that will be responsible for the next generation.

Event Outline

Event name

Marugoto Hojo! Summer vacation child Festa

Date & time

August 21, 2016 (Sunday) 10:00 to 16:00


Matsuyama City Kouno Beppu Park (Bunka-no-Mori Park / 995 Kouno Beppu, Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture) 


Matsuyama City, Matsuyama City Social Welfare Agency


Nankai Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Special sponsor

Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd.

Main events

  1. Baby Crawling Race
  2. Kids Workshop
  3. Parenting Consultation Corner
  4. Gathering of Costumed Characters!
  5. Stamp Rally
  6. Play Pool
  7. Waterslide
  8. Gathering of Working Cars! Etc.

Parts of event implemented by Taiyo Oil

Title sponsor of “Baby Crawling Race”

A crawling race was held for babies residing in Matsuyama City who cannot walk yet. The first place winning baby in each race was given a “SOLATO-kun house set,” and all of the participants were given “SOLATO-kun original bandages.”

Official name of event

SOLATO Cup Baby Crawling Race

Event times
Number of participants

121 people

Scene from the race
Scene from the race

Participation in “Gathering of Costumed Characters!

Various characters of Ehime Prefecture got together at one location, and engaged in a photo session with visitors.

Official name of event

Gathering of Costumed Characters! Interaction Photo Session

Event times *SOLATO-kun only participated in the session starting at 13:00.
Participating characters

SOLATO-kun (Taiyo Oil), Mikyan (Ehime Prefecture), Shimabo (Matsuyama City), Wit-kun (Nankai Broadcasting), etc.

Scene from the event
Scene from the event