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Placement of advertisements on Ehime Prefecture air ambulance

Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd. Shikoku Operations (General Manager: Hiroshi Morohara) is advertisement-sponsoring an air ambulance (emergency medical helicopter) that Ehime Prefecture put into operation on February 1 (Wed.), and participated in a related start-of-operations ceremony held at Matsuyama Airport on January 31 (Tue.).
In this project, an air ambulance was introduced that will contribute to emergency medical care throughout the prefecture. This will make it possible start initial treatment at emergency sites, etc., and quickly transport patients to medical institutions, and it is expected that this will have effects such as improve life-saving rates and reducing after-effects.
The air ambulance will display the advertisements of seven sponsor companies on the sides of its fuselage, and the advertisement revenues will go toward covering the costs of operating the air ambulance.
Going forward, Taiyo Oil will continue to engage in activities such as these that contribute to the welfare of communities.


Starting date of operation

February 1 (Wed.), 2017

Operation area

All of Ehime Prefecture

Locations of Taiyo Oil advertisements


Left side of air ambulance
Left side of air ambulance



Right side of air ambulanceRight side of air ambulance



Design of Taiyo Oil advertisementDesign of Taiyo Oil advertisement