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Taiyo Oil Gives Donations to Fukushima Prefecture and Kumamoto Prefecture

Continuing last year’s efforts, Taiyo Oil (Representative Director & President: Yutaka Oka) has once again given donations—as covered below—in order to support disaster-affected areas.
While six years have passed since the earthquake in Fukushima Prefecture, many people in this area are still faced with inconveniences in their daily lives, and thus Taiyo Oil has thus given a donation to support the schooling of children in this prefecture. The company has also provided a donation to persons affected by the considerable damage related to the earthquakes that occurred in Kumamoto in April last year.
Furthermore, Taiyo Oil has provided additional support for repair and reconstruction work on Kumamoto Castle, a national important cultural property that was significantly damaged in the Kumamoto earthquakes.
Taiyo Oil is praying that the disaster-affected areas will recover as early as possible, and will continue to implement various activities to support disaster-affected persons going forward. 

Overview of donations

  1. Fukushima Prefecture “Donation for Children of Fukushima Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake”  50,000,000 yen
  2. Kumamoto Prefecture “Donation Related to the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes”  25,000,000 yen
  3. Kumamoto Prefecture “Donation to Support the Reconstruction of Disaster-Affected Cultural Properties Including Kumamoto Castle and Aso Shrine”  25,000,000 yen

Date of donation provision

March 30, 2017