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Taiyo Oil holds "SOLATO presents Botchan Stadium Tour"

Taiyo Oil on September 2 (Sat.), 2017 held the “SOLATO presents Botchan Stadium Tour” at Botchan Stadium in Ichitsubo, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture.
This is the first time that this event was held, and a total of 135 people (55 groups of children and their guardians) participated.
“Botchan Stadium,” where the tour took place, is a stadium fitted with stands that are 99.1 meters long on both wings and 122 meters long in the center and can seat 30,000 people, as well as equipment for night games. Also, the stadium meets the standards for the holding of official Nippon Professional Baseball games, and Tokyo Yakult Swallows games are held here twice a year.    
The event took place on the day of a home game of the “Ehime Mandarin Pirates” that are affiliated with Shikoku Island League Plus, regarding which Taiyo Oil serves as a sponsor. On this day, a tour of the ground was offered when Coach Junichi Kawahara, who was active as an ace player with the Yomiuri Giants, and the players of the Ehime Mandarin Pirates under Coach Kawahara’s direction were practicing. The children who participated watched the players practicing with gleaming eyes, and also got the chance to speak with the players. Furthermore, the children took commemorative photographs together with Coach Kawahara and the players, and were able to go to areas that are usually closed off to visitors such as the bench area, indoor bullpen, and locker room. The children made fun poses as the photos were taken, and asked the staff members leading the tour many questions. 
Taiyo Oil will continue to hold similar events in order to help foster children’s interest in sports and development of a sound mind in a healthy body.

Event Outline

Date and time

September 2, 2017 (Saturday)), 10:00 – 11:30


Botchan Stadium  625-1 Ichitsubo Nishimachi, Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture


55 pairs of children and their parents or guardians: a total of 135 participants

Day’s schedule

09:30  Entry
10:00  Start of stadium tour
            (first base bench → commemorative photo in front of home base → outfield [left field]
            → trainer’s room, swinging practice room → locker room → indoor bullpen
            → indoor practice ground → “No Ball Museum”)
11:30  End of tour

Scenes from the day


Indoor practice groundIndoor practice ground


Indoor bullpenIndoor bullpen


Meeting player of rival team the Kochi Fighting DogsMeeting player of rival team the Kochi Fighting Dogs


Taking of commemorative photoTaking of commemorative photo