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Shikoku Operations Comprehensive Disaster Drill

The following is notice of the Shikoku Operations’ (Senior Vice President, Member of the Board, General Manager, Shikoku Operations, Hiroshi Morohara) recent comprehensive disaster drill for a foreseeable large-scale and composite disaster. 
The drill was based on a magnitude 8.6 earthquake posited as having taken place in the Nankai Trough, causing an onshore oil leak from a ruptured pipeline, a fire around the perimeter of a floating roof tank (or "ring fire"), and an oil slick at sea from the resulting leakage. This first involved notifying and requesting help from emergency services such as the Imabari Coast Guard, and the Kikuma Branch of the West Imabari-shi Fire Department. A firefighting drill then took place involving fire engines, in particular a large-scale appliance for high elevation and chemical fires, fireboats, fixed-type water cannons, and portable deluge guns. Group evacuation drills were also carried out for the event of a tsunami.   
Taiyo Oil carries out such drills in order to test its own in-house preparedness and liaison capabilities in time of disaster, and strives to be in a state facilitating quick and decisive action in the event of an emergency.

Drill Overview

Date & time

September 28, 2017 (Thursday), 13:30 to 15:00


Shikoku Operations, Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd


   et al.

Drill Details

Onshore Disaster Drill

Contact with relevant organizations, summoning of fire engines, first aid for those injured, firefighting drills, etc.

Offshore Disaster Drill

Preliminary alert system in place for disasters, oil fence placement, simultaneous water-spraying drills, etc.

Scenes from the Drill

Disaster drill with large-scale appliance for high elevation and chemical firesDisaster drill with large-scale appliance for high elevation and chemical fires
Fireboat at workFireboat at work