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Cosponsorship of the 63rd Yamaguchi Prefecture Primary School Pupils Animal Drawing Contest

The awards ceremony for the 63rd Yamaguchi Prefecture Primary School Pupils Animal Drawing Contest, which is cosponsored by Taiyo Oil, was held for the first time at Seamall Palace in Shimonoseki City on Saturday, November 11.
Drawings of animals from the three zoos in Yamaguchi (Akiyoshidai Safari Land, Tokiwa Park in Ube city and Tokuyama Zoo in Shunan city) were solicited to develop the sensibilities and expressiveness of children by having them observe and draw animals.
There were 1,706 entries this year from primary school pupils in the prefecture. A total of 257 were awarded with prizes, consisting of 18 special prizes, 34 gold prizes, 68 silver prizes and 137 honorable mentions. The winners of the special prizes, including the Taiyo Oil SOLATO Prize, were presented with certificates.
The drawing chosen for the Taiyo Oil SOLATO Prize was by Haruki Kikumoto, a pupil of Hoko Kindergarten, depicting a lion at Tokuyama Zoo. It expresses well the wildness and energy of the king of beasts.
Following the awards ceremony, the children who won prizes and their guardians and families were invited to a get-together, which was also held for the first time. The brand mascot, Solato-kun, also made an appearance and created a lively celebratory mood with quizzes and other games.
Taiyo Oil will continue supporting activities of this kind that aim to bring up upstanding leaders of tomorrow from among today's youth as part of its social action programs.

 Event outline

Date and time

Awards ceremony: 14:00 – 15:00, Saturday, November 11, 2017
Get-together: 16:00 – 16:00, Saturday, November 11, 2017


Seamall Palace, 4-4-8 Takezaki-cho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi 750-0025


63 (16 winners, 47 accompanying) *2 winners absent

Day’s schedule

Awards ceremony

13:30   Entry 
14:00   Opening remarks
            ・Greetings from organizer – Makoto Hirose, Executive Officer and Head of Marketing, Yamaguchi Shimbun
            ・Presentation of prizes
            ・Remarks from winner - Sho Fukui, 6th grader, Kisan Elementary School, Shunan city
            ・Comments by judge -  Naomi Tamura, Vice-principal, Fukugawa Elementary School, Shunan city
14:50   Closing remarks


15:00   Opening remarks – Shinji Nakayama, Executive Officer and General Manager, General Affairs Department, Taiyo Oil
15:25   Quiz
16:00   Closing remarks

Scenes from the Day

Commemorative photograph with winners

Commemorative photograph with winners


Solato-kun and children at get-together

Solato-kun and children at get-together