Business Lines

We aim for sustainable growth by establishing an integrated operating system.

Taiyo Oil aims to become a company that can achieve sustainable management with the establishment of an “integrated operating system” ranging from importing oil to manufacturing and sales of petroleum products and petrochemical products.


We mainly import environmentally friendly low-sulfur crude oil.

Japan imports nearly all of its oil which is indispensable to our daily lives and industrial activities by large tankers from oil-producing countries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. Taiyo Oil mainly imports environmentally friendly low-sulfur crude oil from various oil-producing countries such as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Russia and transports it safely to its Shikoku Operations.

High-quality, environmentally friendly products.

  • Oil refinery (Shikoku Operations)

  • Styrene monomer (Yamaguchi Operations)

In order to respond to various demands for oil. Taiyo Oil makes continuous efforts to constantly produce high-quality, environmentally friendly petroleum and petrochemical products as well as to ensure a safe and stable supply of products. Both the Shikoku and Yamaguchi Opertrions have been certified for ISO9001(Quality Management System) and ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) and operate with consideration for quality assurance, quality maintenance and environmental preservation.


Our mission is provide a safe and stable supply.

Taiyo Oil stably supplies earth-friendly products to meet various customer needs. In order to ensure that our petroleum products which are widely used not only in our daily lives but also for industrial activities are delivered to our customers safely and reliably we actively work to strengthen and streamline our production facilities and expand our distribution facilities in an effort to secure a stable supply.


We provide high-quality services.

Taiyo Oil actively works to create SOLATO service stations that achieve customer satisfaction by cultivating human resources who can perform value-added services from the customer’s perspective in every scene so that customers choose us and customer satisfaction is always ensured.