Messages from the President

  • President Yutaka Oka

Thank you for visiting our website.

Besides presenting an overview of our company and its activities, this website is also home to the "Let's study with SOLATO-kun!" educational content for senior children at elementary school. This aims to further understanding of how petroleum science supports our daily lives in their various aspects. It does this by showing how petroleum products are manufactured, and what kind of work the people in our factory do.
I very much hope that this educational material will be able to play a useful role.

The current worldwide situation in regard to energy issues makes future developments increasingly difficult to predict. This situation poses domestic risks to oil-producing nations, with unpredictability heightened by rising oil demand from growing economies in Asia and a massive increase in the production of non-conventional energy resources, as seen in the “shale gas revolution.”

However, the national infrastructure still depends on oil and petrochemical products, and Taiyo Oil as a company handling such products bears the important responsibility of maintaining their supply, and thus maintaining the lifestyles communities are accustomed to. At the same time, we are fully aware of being constantly subject to critical appraisal by communities in regard to safety and environmental issues.

Taiyo Oil’s brand “SOLATO” features the slogan “Power for our planet and its people.” This phrase dynamically encapsulates our thinking, which is, before all else, to put people first, to work for people’s wellbeing, and to live forever in harmony with our planet.
Taiyo Oil is a supporting component of Japan's social infrastructure and takes its social responsibilities as an energy provider seriously. We therefore strive to continue in this role as a company worthy of the ongoing support of our various stakeholders under our corporate philosophy.

Yutaka Oka
President (CEO)
Taiyo Oil