Our thoughts behind the brand

  • Energy for this planet and its people.

  • Energy for this planet and its people.

We imagined the sun traveling across the sky and heading for tomorrow and created and announced the new brand name SOLATO in 2008, in association with the new challenges of Taiyo Oil.

The design of the logo symbolizes the sun, the earth, and roads reading to tomorrow.

Our slogan is “Energy for the planet and its people.”
We cherish the world’s people more than anything else, wishing for everlasting “co-existence and co- prosperity” on this planet where we live. The word “energy” expresses our wish to convey a “sense of justice” as an integrated energy company.

We believe that if people become more energetic, the world will become more fun, stronger and more beautiful and tomorrow will become more comfortable.
SOLATO will continue to challenge itself to create the future.
With unique ideas and a challenging spirit free from industry customs and practices and conventional wisdom, we will move toward the next 100 yeaes.
We, at Taiyo Oil will, continue to make continuous efforts as an “integrated energy company” with thoughts of this new brand in mind.

  • SOLATO is a coined word combing “solar” and “tomorrow”.