Corporate Philosophy

Taiyo Oil has established a "corporate philosophy" to embody the mission of the company and the sense of values shared by all the employees in accordance with the spirit of the "company credo," the basic spirit of management. Further, the "corporate action guidelines" have been established as a foundation that promotes the practice of corporate activities for realization of the "corporate philosophy."

Company credo

Independence and self-respect

Enterprising spirit and aggressiveness

co-existtence and co-prosperity

Corporate philosophy

Like the beaming sun,

We at Taiyo Oil, an integrated energy company,
will attempt to harmonize with the global enviroment
and provide security and safety so aso to contribute
to the creation of an enriched society.

We will attempt to promote harmony
with all members of society through our business activities,
and to create new values
through an aggressive and bold approach that strives toward building
a company with sustainable growth potential.

Corporate course of action

Taiyo Oil acts in good faith in accordance with the following guidelines

Safe operation We will give top priority to workplace and regional safety and will strive for safe and stable operation.
Environmental preservation We will attempt to reduce environmental burdens and save resources and energy, and make efforts to preserve the global environment.
Regional contribution As a good corporate citizen, we will contribute toward regional development.
Customer satisfaction We will provide high-quality products stably in order to win customer satisfaction and trust.
Respect for the individual We will respect each of our employees and provide a rewarding workplace.
Compliance We will comply with laws and regulations, abide by the norms of society and the company, and conduct ourselves according to our conscience.
Transparency We will attempt to communicate widely with society and to enhance the transparency of our business activities.