Safety and Environmental Activities

Taiyo Oil has oil refinery plants and petrochemical manufacturing plants in Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture and Ube City in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
We undertake ongoing operations at these two sites with safety as our prime concern, working to prevent accidents and disasters, conserve energy, minimize environmental impact, and ensure a steady supply of product.

Shikoku Operations

Shikoku Operations has established an environment management system and is ISO 14001 certified. We are working towards systemic and continuous environmental improvement by performing the PDCA (Plan -> Do -> Check -> Act) cycle according to Shikoku Operations' Policy.

Yamaguchi Operations

Yamaguchi Operations, located in the Nishi-Oki area spanning Ube City and Sanyo-Onoda City in Yamaguchi Prefecture, aims to create harmony with the local community through environmental and safety measures.
It is a styrene monomer plant boasting one of the highest production capacities per line in Japan. Here, Yamaguchi Operations has fully utilized the latest advanced technologies and thoroughly automated processes to ensure efficient operation with fewer people for the production of high-quality styrene monomer.