Yamaguchi Operations' Policy

We aim to ensure safety and as stress-free an environment as possible both in our workplace and in the localities we operate in. We also aim to produce energy in a way that places minimal burden on the environment. Furthermore, we aim to achieve the stable supply of high-quality products.
To these ends, we will implement our safety management, quality control and environmental conservation systems in a reliable manner, enhance our business infrastructure, and work to ensure safe, stable, stress-free and efficient operations, all on the basis of Company policies and rules.
Specifically, we will actively strive to carry out the following.

  1. Comply with the relevant laws, Company regulations, and requirements assented to by these Operations.【S,Q,E】

  2. Autonomously work to strengthen safety at these Operations, taking both preventive and active measures to develop and further enhance equipment and operations management, and doing so on the basis of a Plant Safety Charter that takes into account the Operations’ unique features.【S,Q,E】

  3. Work to develop personnel able to readily put skills and knowledge to work, be vigilant so as to detect and evaluate hazards, and to draw on the creativity and ingenuity of the whole workforce in minimizing risk.【S,Q,E】

  4. Produce consistently high-quality products, with stable supply, in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of clients.【Q】

  5. Identify environmentally harmful waste and limit its emission, and work to conserve resources and reduce energy consumption.【E】

  6. Reflect our corporate ethics in our work, communicate with local communities, and maintain transparency in how we do business.【S,Q,E】

  7. Set goals and systematically set out to achieve them in order to achieve this Policy, working all the while for ongoing improvement by way of regular review.【S,Q,E】

  8. Ensure that all personnel are fully familiar with this Policy, and further raise consciousness of it through education and training.【S,Q,E】

April 1, 2021

Hideo Kumon

Executive Officer,
General Manager,
Yamaguchi Operations

S : Security management policy
Q : Quality policy
E : Environmental policy