Taiyo Oil to implement measures against COVID-19 during periodic repair work


 In late August 2020, the Yamaguchi Operations of Taiyo Oil will halt its equipment, and then start periodic repair work on September 5 (Sat.). This repair work is stipulated in laws and ordinances such as the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, Industrial Safety and Health Act, and Fire Service Act, and is essential for ensuring that operations are safe, stable, and reliable.

 During the time period of the repair work, Yamaguchi Operations will be visited by a large number of work-related personnel from Yamaguchi and other prefectures, and thus Taiyo Oil recognizes that it will be necessary to further strengthen efforts to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19. In light of this, Taiyo Oil will thoroughly carry out the following measures, and hopes to receive the understanding and cooperation of all persons concerned.

Time period of repair work

 September 5 (Sat.) to September 28 (Mon.) (planned)

Number of personnel engaging in repair work

 Average of about 500 per day (with peak of around 700)

COVID-19 measures

  1. Travel to Yamaguchi Prefecture
      • Work-related personnel traveling to Yamaguchi from outside the prefecture will be asked to pay close attention to staying heathy for the two weeks prior to their arrival in Yamaguchi.
        Workers are prohibited from visiting Yamaguchi unless they are able to confirm that they are in good health.

  2. Close attention to staying healthy
    • Daily taking of body temperature and health management by employees and all work-related personnel
    • Quarantining at home or hotel if fever or other sign of ill health has been confirmed
    • Taking of body temperature with non-contact-type thermometer when entering the workplace

  3. Preventive measures while at work
    • Thorough handwashing, gargling, and adherence to coughing etiquette
    • Frequent and thorough disinfecting and cleaning
    • Suspending morning meetings and other large meetings, and limiting numbers of meeting participants
    • In offices, conscientious mask-wearing, installation of partitions, and ventilation
    • Staggering times for use of cafeterias and smoking areas

  4. Other measures for preventing infection
    • Completely avoiding use of public transportation
    • Voluntarily refraining from going on nonessential, non-urgent outings, and visiting locations that constitute the “three Cs” (Closed spaces with poor ventilation, and Crowded and Close-contact settings)

Cases in which suspected infection or infection has been discovered

  1.  If there is suspicion of an infection, contact the “Yamaguchi Prefecture Consultation Service for the COVID-19 Infectious Disease” (Tel. 083-902-2510), and follow the instructions given.

  2. If an infection has been discovered, promptly report it to Yamaguchi Prefecture, and take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the disease following the instructions of health centers and other institutions concerned.

Please direct inquiries to

 13-3 Nishioki, Nishiokinoyama, Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture 759-0205

 General Affairs Department, Yamaguchi Operations, Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd.

 TEL 0836-41-4154 / FAX 0836-41-7590