Taiyo Oil concludes joint-research agreement regarding manufacture of bio-jet fuel using hydrogen bacteria


~Start of research aimed at manufacturing SAF that uses CO2 as raw material~

 Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Yutaka Oka) and Utilization of Carbon Dioxide Institute Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Hideaki Yukawa; hereinafter “UCDI”) have concluded a joint-research agreement regarding the manufacturing of isobutanol, which is a raw material of bio-jet fuel.

 In the hope of contributing to the realization of a carbon-neutral society by 2050, Taiyo Oil will promote the use of bio raw materials, and look into supplying sustainable fuels and chemical raw materials that utilize biological functions. Going forward, the company will continue to proactively work on expanding promising business areas that are in harmony with the global environment.

Overview of joint research

 UCDI, which will participate in the joint research, has developed “UCDI hydrogen bacteria,” which has an extremely fast proliferation rate, and possesses basic technologies and patents related to the generation of isobutanol, which uses hydrogen and carbon dioxide as raw materials. During the joint research, the basic technologies possessed by UCDI will be integrated with the knowledge of Taiyo Oil regarding oil refining, and technological development will be implemented with the aim of achieving verification regarding the manufacturing of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) that uses hydrogen and carbon dioxide as raw materials.

Background of joint research

 Amid rapidly growing demand for measures aimed at achieving worldwide decarbonization, in the field of air transport, there has been increasing manufacture and supply of SAF, which uses raw materials such as biomass and waste cooking oil. Nevertheless, there are various issues regarding such fuels, including competition with food supplies, impact on water resources and global environmental conservation, and the securing of raw materials, so there is a situation in which such fuels are unsuitable for mass production. There is growing anticipation that it will be possible to solve these issues with carbon recycling, which involves manufacturing fuel from carbon dioxide.

Utilization of Carbon Dioxide Institute Co., Ltd.

<Company overview>

Headquarters/research institute

15th Floor, TIME24 Building, 2-4-32 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo


Chief Executive Officer  Hideaki Yukawa


August 2015

Capital, etc.

162.9 million yen



 “UCDI” is an abbreviation of the company’s English name and is a registered trademark.