Taiyo Oil provides donation to Kagoshima Prefecture


Taiyo Oil (President & CEO: Yutaka Oka) donated calendars for the “17th Green Fund Calendar Bazaar” hosted by Kagoshima Prefecture, and received a letter of appreciation from the foundation “Kagoshima Midori no Kikin.”

At the Calendar Bazaar, calendars are given to prefectural residents visiting the venue in exchange for “green funds,” and the collected funds are utilized for the development of forests and promotion of greening in Kagoshima Prefecture.
Based on activities of this kind, Taiyo Oil will continue to proactively carry out social contribution activities for local communities.

Event Outline


 17th Green Fund Calendar Bazaar

Donation recipient

 Kagoshima Midori no Kikin

Donated item

 calendars (one cardboard box of calendars)

 *For details, please see the Kagoshima Midori no Kikin website below.


Letter of appreciation received