Donation Presentation Ceremonies held in Imabari City and Okinawa Prefecture


In March of this year, Taiyo Oil (President & CEO: Yutaka Oka) made a donation to the city of Imabari, where the Company's Shikoku Operations is located, to support measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, Nansei Sekiyu K.K. (President & CEO: Osamu Murakami), a member of our corporate group, made a donation for the same purpose to Okinawa Prefecture, which is an important supply base for our petroleum products.

We are pleased to announce that donation presentation ceremonies were held in both locations.

Taiyo Oil extends its deepest sympathies to the people who have been affected by COVID-19 and sincerely hopes that the crisis quickly comes to an end.

Presentation ceremony held in Imabari City


 July 8 (Fri.), 2022


 Imabari City Hall


 Imabari City: Shigeki Tokunaga, Mayor
        Tadahiro Doi, Deputy Mayor
        Seiji Mori, Director, Policy Division

 Taiyo Oil    : Teruaki Sasaki, Representative Member of the Board & Senior Vice President
        Yuichi Watabe, General Manager, General Affairs Department, Shikoku Operations

From left to right: Director Mori, Deputy Mayor Doi, Mayor Tokunaga, Senior Vice President Sasaki, General Manager Watanabe

Presentation ceremony held in Okinawa Prefecture


 July 11 (Mon.), 2022


 Okinawa Prefectural Office


 Okinawa Prefecture: Makoto Taniai, Director of Industrial Promotion, Commerce,
                                                Industry and Labor Department
             Jun Higa, Manager, Industrial Policy Division, Commerce,
                                                Industry and Labor Department

 Taiyo Oil      : Mamoru Watanabe, Executive Officer
             Kimitoshi Aoki, Manager, General Affairs Group and Manager, CSR Promotion Group

 Nansei Sekiyu     : President & CEO Osamu Murakami
             Gentaro Akasaka, Director, General Affairs Department

From left to right: Group Manager Aoki, Executive Officer Watanabe, Director Taniai, President Murakami, Manager Higa, Director Akasaka