Initiating a joint study of cracking discarded tires into oil as a chemical recycling business


Reduction of CO2 emissions through the chemical recycling of waste tires as a raw input

Taiyo Oil Company, Limited (President and Representative Director: Yutaka Oka) and Environment Energy Co., Ltd. (President: Shuji Noda, hereinafter “Environment Energy”)) have agreed to jointly study the feasibility of a chemical recycling business using waste tires as a raw input.

Taiyo Oil is an integrated manufacturer of basic petrochemical products from crude oil to the main raw material used in plastics and tires. We aim to leverage our strengths to deliver on chemical recycling, in which waste materials such as tires, which have been difficult to recycle other than through thermal recycling, can once again be utilized as a raw material. We will continue in our efforts to actively promote and realize a carbon neutral society.

Background of the Joint Study

About 1 million tons (about 100 million tires) of tires are disposed of each year in Japan, but only about 20% of this waste material is reused, with nearly 60% used as fuel for thermal recycling.  On the other hand, since thermal recycling causes a large amount of CO2 emissions, the realization of a carbon-neutral society in the future will require chemical recycling of tires with low CO2 emissions.

Background to the Joint Study

Environment Energy, one of the partners in the joint study, possesses technologies for thermal cracking and oilification of waste plastics and other materials, and is currently developing equipment for these cracking and oilification processes. In the joint study, we will combine the cracking and oilification technologies of Environment Energy with our knowledge of petroleum refining to study the feasibility of chemical recycling for tires.

Environment Energy Co., Ltd.

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