Taiyo Oil attends commemorative ceremony for A Day in the Woods, Ehime


Taiyo Oil attended a commemorative ceremony for A Day in the Woods, Ehime, which is sponsored by Ehime Prefecture and the Forest Fund of Ehime, and at the ceremony, the company received a carbon dioxide absorption certificate from Ehime Prefecture.

As part of environment conservation activities, in FY2007, Taiyo Oil concluded the “Agreement on Forest Creation Activities at the Sun (Taiyo)-nurtured Forest in Imabari City” together with the two other parties of Ehime Prefecture and Imabari City, and, since then, it has been supporting the forest-development activities of local governments, and carrying out forest-development volunteer activities involving employees from Taiyo Oil.

On this occasion, Taiyo Oil received certification of “22.7 tons” from the Governor of Ehime Prefecture, for the volume of carbon dioxide that was absorbed by the forest where the company carried out development in FY2021 based on the abovementioned agreement.

Going forward, Taiyo Oil will continue to proactively carry out environmental conservation activities in Ehime Prefecture where Shikoku Operations is located.

Outline of the event: A Day in the Woods, Ehime


November 5, 2022 (Saturday), 10:30a.m. - 11:00a.m.


Emifull MASAKI (Masaki-cho, Iyo-gun, Ehime Prefecture)

Scenes from the event

  • Group photo (Second from the front right is Director Ishizuka of the General Affairs Department)

  • Carbon dioxide absorption certificate

Amount of carbon dioxide absorption certified by Ehime Prefecture to date

Fiscal yearTons of CO2/year
2008 30.0
2009 50.5
2010 14.7
2011 31.5
2012 52.7
2013 5.1
2014 6.5
Fiscal yearTons of CO2/year
2015 11.0
2016 11.5
2017 16.1
2018 14.1
2019 12.6
2020 20.2
2021 22.7

Total: 299.2 tons of CO2