Interim financial statement of accounts for fiscal year ending March 31, 2023


Taiyo Oil hereby announces the interim financial statement for the 86th fiscal year (April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023).

Summary of the 86th fiscal year interim financial statement

For the current fiscal year, our sales volume decreased from the previous year due to periodic repair work at the Shikoku Operations. Meanwhile, for the same period our unit sales prices rose accompanying an increase in crude oil prices, for sales amounting to 304.8 billion yen (an increase of 38.4 billion yen over the same period last year).

On the loss side, both income and profit decreased, due to the write-down of the book value of inventories due to the decline in crude oil prices at the end of September, for an operating profit of 4.3 billion yen (a decrease of 18.5 billion yen from the same period last year), ordinary profit of 3.9 billion yen (a decrease of 18.6 billion yen from the same period last year), and a current term net profit of 3.6 billion yen (a decrease of 9.8 billion yen from the same period last year).

Profit and loss

   Previous interim termCurrent interim termYear-on-year
Sales 2,664 3,048 384
Operating income 228 43 △185

Ordinary income

(Ordinary income excluding inventory valuation factors)





Current net earnings 134 36 △98
(Reference) On a consolidated basis
Consolidated sales volume 2,698 3,089 391
Consolidated ordinary income 223 42 △181
Consolidated net income 132 38 △94