A Letter of Appreciation from Ehime University


As part of our social contribution activities, we established the Taiyo Oil Scholarship for Ehime University, a national university corporation, in FY 2019, to provide financial assistance that can help support students and their studies. We are pleased to announce that we have received a letter of appreciation from Ehime University for our efforts.

Shinji Nakayama, Senior Vice President of Taiyo Oil, attended a ceremony held at Ehime University on Saturday, November 12, and received a letter of appreciation from Ehime University President Hiroshige Nishina.

Since its establishment, we have been working to improve and enhance the Taiyo Oil Scholarship by interviewing students who have benefited from the scholarship so that it can be used more meaningfully by future students who might require financial assistance. On Saturday, November 5, we invited the students who received the scholarship in FY2021 and FY2022 to our Shikoku Operations Office to exchange opinions about the scholarship system. Our employees who graduated from the same school participated in the exchange of views with the scholarship recipients, who later enjoyed a tour of our Shikoku Operations.

The Taiyo Oil Scholarship is slated to provide financial assistance to recipients in the next fiscal year. We will continue to support the development of future business leaders in Ehime Prefecture, where our Shikoku Operations is located, through this initiative.

Letter of Appreciation Presentation Ceremony


November 12 (Saturday), 2022


Ehime University

Attending from Taiyo Oil

Shinji Nakayama, Senior Vice President

  • The Presentation Ceremony (from left to right: Ehime University President Nishina and Taiyo Oil Senior Vice President Nakayama)

Exchanging opinions about the Taiyo Oil Scholarship


November 5 (Saturday), 2022


Taiyo Oil Shikoku Operations

In Attendance

23 students who have received the Taiyo Oil Scholarship

Ehime University Student Support Center, Director Yoshihiro Okamoto

Naoki Saito, Director, Ehime University Foundation Office, and others

  • Opinions were exchanged, followed by a site tour

【Overview of the Taiyo Oil Scholarship】

☑ The purpose of this program is to support the creation of an environment in which students, by reducing the financial burden placed on their shoulders, are better placed to concentrate on their studies.

☑ The program targets third-year undergraduate students and first-year graduate students whose expenses are expected to increase due to job hunting and other activities.
The scholarship provides 500,000 yen (250,000 yen for night-school students), which is equivalent to the annual tuition fee, to about 20 students.

☑ Selection of scholarship recipients will be based on a comprehensive evaluation of their academic performance, household income, and thesis review.