Welfare, sports aid

Taiyo Oil ensures that it considers "what it can do as a corporation," acting accordingly, and to be engaged proactively in supportive activities such as social welfare activities and sports.

Ryukyu Golden Kings “Happy Seats for People of Okinawa”

  • In collaboration with group company Nansei Sekiyu K.K., Taiyo Oil has been carrying out patronage activities called “Happy Seats for People of Okinawa” in which it invites children from elementary, junior high, and high schools, schools for the disabled, and social welfare facilities in Okinawa to all home games of the professional basketball team the “Ryukyu Golden Kings,” which is highly popular in Okinawa Prefecture.

Kokoro no Gekijo performances

  • Taiyo Oil sponsors the Okinawa performance of Shiki Theatre “Kokoro no Gekijo,” an event hosted by Butai Geijutsu (Performing Arts) Center. “Kokoro no Gekijo” performances are free-of-charge musicals performed by Shiki Theatre Company to which elementary school students from across Japan are invited. The aim is to use musical theater to convey “important life lessons” related to the value of life, the spirit of altruism, and the joy of mutual trust, and to thereby “realize a spiritually rich society.” Taiyo Oil approves of this initiative for the spiritual development of children and the building of an affluent society, and has thus been sponsoring performances under this project.