Regional communication

Is actively engaged in community-oriented activities aimed at working with people in the regions the plants are located to ensure the prosperity and development of the regions.

Cleaning around Yamaguchi Operations

  • At Yamaguchi Operations, weeds are removed and cleaning activities are conducted every June.

Nurturing young persons

In order to support education that fosters rich feelings and emotions among infants and children in regions, Taiyo Oil has been carrying out proactive sponsorship and co-sponsorship activities related to emotional education events and so on.

Kids Cooking Battle Presented by SOLATO

  • Taiyo Oil has been holding the “Kids Cooking Battle Presented by SOLATO” in collaboration with Yamaguchi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
    Elementary school children are invited to team up in pairs and submit an original menu plan. Four teams are selected after screenings, and the winner is decided by having the teams actually cook the dishes. The aim of the activity is to contribute to food education for children by having them learn about the fun of cooking.

Yamaguchi Prefecture Primary School Pupils Animal Drawing Contest

  • Taiyo Oil cosponsors the “Yamaguchi Prefecture Primary School Pupils Animal Drawing Contest,” which is hosted by Yamaguchi Shimbun, Akiyoshidai Safari Land, Tokuyama Zoo of Shunan City, and the Tokiwa Zoo Association of Ube City.
    This contest is aimed at helping to develop the sensibilities and expressive abilities of children by having them draw the animals and scenery of Akiyoshidai Safari Land, Tokuyama Zoo of Shunan City, and Tokiwa Zoo of Ube City.

SOLATO-kun’s Christmas Event for Children

  • Taiyo Oil has been providing support for “SOLATO-kun’s Christmas Event for Children,” which is sponsored by Yamaguchi Shimbun, since 2015.
    Parents and children in Yamaguchi Prefecture are invited to attend this event free of charge, and it includes an animation screening, special show, and fun raffle.

Original pencil boards

Taiyo Oil distributes original pencil boards to all first-grade elementary school students in Ube City and Sanyo-Onoda City in Yamaguchi Prefecture, where Yamaguchi Operations is located. The pencil boards are created in order to clearly show that petroleum products are used in familiar everyday items such as clothing, plastic bottles, and car tires, and to raise the interest of children regarding the industries in their area. Furthermore, the pencil boards are intended to help provide career education so that the children will consider working at a local company or factory as an option in the future.